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Investment Consulting

  • Investments basing, preparation of a feasibility report;
  • Business-plans, investment and credit projects elaboration and consultant's investigation;
  • Foreign investors and business partners search, creation of joint and foreign businesses and branches;
  • Business support and introduction of client's interests, investment projects assistance from the idea to the implementation, support in the projects realization.


  • Direct marketing;
  • International marketing;
  • Market research (including field marketing);
  • Strategy and marketing mix elaboration;
  • Sale management;
  • Pricing.

Management Consulting

  • Elaboration of conceptions and programs of businesses, branches and regions perspective development;
  • Strategic planning and organization development;
  • Elaboration of organization development prognosis for 5 and more years;
  • Business diagnostics, restructuring, denationalization, privatization and corporization;
  • Anti-crisis management, sanation and bankruptcy, business-plans elaboration of business financial recovering;
  • Elaboration and optimization of organization management structure;
  • Business-process reengineering and optimization.

Implementation of MONITOR ERP System (Sweden)

  • Receiving licensed rights for the system usage;
  • Development of implementation projects;
  • System installation;
  • Users training and support;
  • System synchronization with business processes;
  • Maintenance.

    About MONITOR ERP System !!!

Specializing and Other Services

  • Organization of seminars and consultations on strategic planning, marketing strategy elaboration;
  • Organization and management business-consultingе;
  • Engineering consulting;
  • Ecological consulting;
  • Organization of scientific-research and development works;
  • Information-analytic reports and reviews preparing;
  • Organization of social-economic researches and forecasts making;
  • Property evaluation expert works (license of the Ministry of Economy #218 from 02.06.02);
  • Legal consulting.


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