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Development programs and other strategic long-term planning
Preparation of a feasibility report, investments basing
Methodical materials elaboration
Analytical treatments
Other projects

  Development programs and other strategic long-term planning  
  • Elaboration of the concept of polymer packing materials manufacture development in the Republic of Belarus (to the order of the Belneftekhim Concern); 
  • Project of conversation of the electronic industry enterprises of RB (the project of TACIS for the Ministry of Industry); 
  • Program of the OJSC "Lakokraska" perspective development (Lida) within 2004-2010; 
  • OJSC "Mozyr Refinery" program of benzene quality conformance to standards EURO-2010; 
  • Program of the OJSC "Mozyr Refinery" perspective development within 2001-2005; 
  • Program of the OJSC "Mozyr Refinery" perspective development within 2003-2008; 
  • Program of the OJSC "Agroindustrial company "Dednovo" perspective development within 2008-2013; 
  • Program of the OJSC "KTI SMA" perspective development within 2008-2017. 
  Preparation of a feasibility report, investments basing  
  • Elaboration of the part of architectural project "Investments efficiency" of investments basing in reconstruction of installation for oil preparation "Rechicaneft"; 
  • Feasibility report of caustic soda, chlorine and chlorinated products manufacture organization in the Republic of Belarus; 
  • Feasibility report of aromatic hydrocarbon (benzol, paraxylene) on the base of petrochemical complex of the Republic of Belarus; 
  • Feasibility report of organization in RB of carbamide formaldehyde concentrate at the OJSC "Grodno Azot" (to the order of the Bellesbymprom and the Belneftekhim Concerns); 
  • Feasibility report of building in RB of iodine and bromine plant (Production Association Republican Unitary Enterprise "Belorusneft"); 
  • Feasibility report of investments during the "Complex reconstruction of Independent Square in Minsk" project realization; 
  • Feasibility report of the project of Novorossijsk trading sea port usage for providing of export-import traffic of the Republic of Belarus. 
  Methodical materials elaboration  
  • Procedure of businesses financial analysis with consideration of its peculiarities and specific features of the branch (to the order of the Ministry of Transport, the Belneftekhim Concern); 
  • Procedure for assessment of economic damage because of fire (to the order of the Ministry of Emergency); 
  • Procedure of specialists requirement forecasting for all management levels of businesses of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus; 
  • Criteria of rating property to the category of inefficient used (The Ministry of Transport of RB); 
  • Procedure of business long-term forecast for 5 and more years; 
  • Methodic recommendations for carrying out of international tenders; 
  • Taking part in project elaboration of methodic recommendations for working out of investment projects business-plans of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus; 
  • Taking part in elaboration of the concept and other documents for creation of Free Economic Area "Grodnoinvest". 
  Analytical treatments  
  • Development of private sector of economy and investment climate of RB (UNO/UNDP project); 
  • Concept elaboration of "National agency of entrepreneurship and small business support" creation; 
  • Concept elaboration of territory "Priles'e" development in Free Economic Area "Minsk"; 
  • Potential of Belarusian businesses which produce compound diagnostic medical equipment valuation (UNO/UNDP project for the Ministry of Industry of RB); 
  • Compatibility of investment attractiveness organizations (Grodno district). 
  Other projects  
  • Business-processes reengineering and optimization at the JV "Milavitsa"; 
  • Elaboration of Technology job the rationale behind the investment in construction (OJSC "KTI SMA" & OJSC "Agroindustrial combine"Matchulischi"; 
  • Elaboration of recommendations for control and rise of international passenger traffic in RB efficiency; 
  • Systematization of legislation in transport activity sphere; 
  • Recommendations elaboration for improvement of contract-legal activity; 
  • Valuation of different businesses basic funds; 
  • Elaboration of educational programs for seminars concerning strategic planning, business-plan working out, practical marketing; 
  • Independent examination of different investment projects; 
  • Elaboration of handbook "Main producers and consumers of plastic materials in CIS" (together with Data Analytic Center "Kortes"). 

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