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  MONITOR ERP System  
  ERP MONITOR - general information  
MONITOR ERP information system is Windows-based and contains the 6 basic modules: Manufacturing, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Workshop Info with time recording and Accounting which cover the daily activities of producing companies.The system supplies everything you need to have control in the daily work of a manufacturing company. The program is designed in logical way and is certified for ist "user-friendliness" by the UserAward in Sweden.

With MONITOR it is the user who has the opportunities and the overall control of the system. MONITOR is fast, flexible and easy to integrate with other Windows programs. Furthermore, the system's award-winning user-friendliness reduces both the needed time for implementation and training to a minimum.

Today the system has in Sweden a market-leading position regarding business systems for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. MONITOR is constantly developed in close association with the manufacturing industry.

The developer of MONITOR ERP is a Swedish software company Monitor Industriutveckling AB. The company was founded in 1974. In the late 1970's the development of a computer software program that estimated time usage in relation to production cost was started. This software was later amplified into a Material Requirements Planning software. Through the years the program has been enlarged and advanced and MONITOR is today a full-scale business system.

Monitor customers are small and medium-sized manufacturing companies and MONITOR business system is installed at more than 1700 companies. The main part of the installations can be found in Sweden, but Monitor also has customers in Finland, Poland, Norway, the Baltic Countries, Russia, Malaysia, China and other countries.

MONITOR is available in 10 different languages (Swedish, English, German, Russian, Chinese, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Czech and Lithuanian) and is market adjusted for several of these markets to suit local requirements.

  MONITOR ERP modules  
Manufacturing module provides support for planning, control and follow-up of the manufacturing order flow. Examples of functions are Preparation, Pre-Calculation/Post-Calculation, Manufacturing order, Loading plans, Chart replanning, Loading simulation, Tool register and Reject follow-up.

Purchase module provides support for planning, control and follow-up of the purchase order flow. Examples of functions are Supplier Register, SRM (Supplier Relationship Management), Inquiries, Purchase Order procedures, Monitoring of Orders, Delivery/Order Reminders, Arrivals, Registration of Supplier Invoices, Outgoing Payments, Accounts Payable and Statistics. The module is prepared for EDI-messages.

Sales module provides support for planning, control and follow-up of the Sales order flow. Examples of functions are Customer Register, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Quote procedures, Customer Orders, Monitoring of Customer Orders, Pick List Basis, Delivery Reporting, Shipping Management, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Incoming Payments and Statistics. The module is prepared for EDI-messages.

Inventory module provides support for planning, control and follow-up of the stock. Examples of functions are Part Register, Requirement Calculation, Run Netting, Advanced Stock Refill System, Checking of Delivery Times for parts, Physical Inventory, WIP/Inventory Values, Trace Part and Quality.

Workshop Info module provides support for work order recording and attendance recording in real time. Examples of functions are Registered Employees, Detail planning of Work Order, Recording Terminal, Adjust Recording, Salary Basis, Schedules and Payrol tables.

Accounting module supports effective accounting. Examples of functions are Chart of Accounts, Report Generator for balance sheet and income statement, Project Accounting, General Ledger and Project Journal, VAT report, Budget procedures, Forecast procedures and Import/Export of SIE files.

There are several Supplements that you can use to enhance your MONITOR system. These supplements are purchased separately. Supplements available to MONITOR are the following: MONITOR Agent, Fixed Asset Register, Document Viewing, EDI, Custom Reports, Fax Integration, Customer Order Transfer, Management Accounting, Stock Location System, Warehouse Management, MONITOR Invoice Scanning, Pocket Monitor, Product Configurator, Web-Shop, Time Calculation and Tool Management.

  ERP MONITOR system opportunities  
Continuous process and data control in real time
Automatic calculations of requirements and documents generator
Simple and evident manufacturing operations priority planning
Inventory management with extended planning possibilities
Workers attendance, direct and inderect work register and reports
Work centers, departments loading reports, possibilities of simulations and inquiries
Costs and prices calculation according to preparations, product configurator and post-calculation reports
Automatic generator of labels, delivery notes, purchase orderes, invoices and other documents
Possibility of linking and attaching of electronic documents and drawings in preparations, suppliers, customers and etc.
Non-conformity management and Suppliers/ Deliveries to Customers rating
Effective financial flows and accounting management

    Please find more information about the MONITOR ERP-system on the official website of Monitor Industriutveckling AB:


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