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The Consulting Company "BelorgConsult" was created in 1996 on the base of Belarusian Union of Consultants' executive board. Specialists of high qualification with academic degrees and ranks, work in the BelorgConsult Company. They studied and passed training in international centers and foreign companies (in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, India, etc.). All staff members have licenses and certificates to realize a wide range of consulting services. Our articles and reviews are regularly published in the press.

During the whole period of our activity we elaborated about 500 investment and consulting projects. Among them 9 investment projects for the Mozyr Oil Refinery, the reconstruction project of the Independence Square in Minsk, the Joint Venture project for the Brewing Company Syabar, the development strategy for the production of bimetallic band saw (JV "Bahco Bisov "), etc. Owing to our help Belarusian businesses attracted over 4 billion USD of foreign and domestic investments.

We took part in elaboration of international projects of UNO, IFC and TACIS Development Programs.

Unitary Enterprise "BelorgConsult" is a member of professional consultants' National Guild of Russia, has close relations with Russian Association of consultants concerning economy and management, with Association "Ukrconsulting", with a number of foreign investment funds, banks and consulting companies.

In the field of IT-consuling we are the partner of the Monitor Industriutveckling AB Company and exclusive in Belarus distributor of Monitor ERP system (Sweden). Together with Academy of Public Adminitration under the Aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus unitary enterprise "BelorgConsult" has organized training of MONITOR ERP specialists within the confines of academic process, advanced studies and training seminars.

According to the results of expert survey, that was carried out by the Center of social researches of the Belarusian State University, the Ministry of Economy of RB, Unitary Enterprise "BelorgConsult" was recognized as a laureate of the project "The Company of the year 2002" and "The Company of the year 2003" in Belarus.

Solving clients' problems we not only give them definite services but also we always share with them unique experience that was accumulated in the process of consulting activity, in other words by giving help we train. But in the same time we don't stay on the spot, we are studying in the process of working and solving problems in different fields of economy.

We hope to have mutually benefitial business in future!
With the best wishes,
Director of the BelorgConsult Company
Dr. Novikov Victor

  Our Work Style Peculiarities  
  • Clients' interests priority;
  • Consideration of the project individual peculiarities;
  • Scientific soundness of decisions proposed;
  • Collective method and high mobility in the projects elaboration;
  • Systematization, complex approach to solving problems with consideration of development perspectives;
  • Giving of different correlated services to our clients;
  • Accompaniment of investment projects during their realization.

  Our Successes:  

  Ethics and Standards Code of Consultants' Professional Activity of the "BelorgConsult":  
Specialists' ethics code of the "BelorgConsult" expresses voluntary obligation to adhere to ethical and professional standards in the highest degree than it can be stipulated by law.

The code purpose is to inform the public and clients that the "BelorgConsult" specialists dare to ensure high professional, ethical and civil level, and also to declare that their practical activity is directed to solving of actual tasks and problems of the government and its interests.

Present code expresses professional conduct standards which consulting company should have in relations with clients, colleagues and society.

Because of high responsibility of recommendations and elaborated consulting projects the "BelorgConsult" specialists take the following obligations:

  • always to put clients' interests on the first place, to fulfill obligations to them honestly, competently and independently;
  • to keep information about clients' business as confidential and not to use it in personal, financial and any other interests, that can contradict clients' interests;
  • to inform the client about any circumstances which can influence on objectivity of recommendations elaborated;
  • not to take obligations and solving problems, which don't assist effective and qualitative service of client;
  • to fulfill every task on individual base and give recommendations specially elaborated for every definite client;
  • to make all agreements and relations agreed by contract in writing;
  • not to service the client in circumstances and conditions which can influence on objectivity, independence and honesty of relations and recommendations;
  • to raise professional level systematically, to use in practice the latest achievements of world economy and management;
  • to fix the cost of services in accordance with its real nature, time required, consultant's experience and qualification, degree of responsibility taken and profit expected, which the client will get after using consulting services.
Code Standards are obliged for all of the "BelorgConsult" collaborators.

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